Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony for Start-Ups

Many start-up businesses struggle to justify the large cost of installing a business-grade phone system whilst struggling to make ends meet, but often find that the advanced features of professional telephony are sorely missed. Having a geographical landline number and auto-attendant service can greatly instill confidence in your brand, but the high price tag of installing a PBX can put business owners off. Cloud-hosted phone systems have revolutionised this marketplace, in that respect, by enabling start-ups to access these high-level features in an affordable package. This article will discuss some of the advantages of cloud phone services for start-up businesses and sole traders.

No setup cost

Installing a phone system comes with a range of costs that can add up. From buying new handsets, to installation, to the actual PBX itself, the costs can be overwhelming and start ups often rely on mobile phones to avoid the expense. This solution, whilst cheap and cheerful, comes with its own range of problems. Mobile phone service can be patchy at the best of times, and modern mobile phones break more than we’d like to think. Mobile phones also lack a host of features  present on professional phone systems, such as hunt groups, conference calls, auto attendants and call transferring. Whats worse is that they often cost more than professional cloud phone services.

Trust in Local Numbers

Many consumers see mobile phone numbers as untrustworthy. This could be because the number is not tied to any particular location, meaning there is less accountability in the case of bad service. Geographical ‘landline’ numbers are seen as more professional, trustworthy and local, increasing sales and trust within your customer base. Cloud phone solutions enable businesses to choose any Irish geographical phone number prefix, allowing start-ups to target local markets that they may not reside in.

Call Quality

Call quality on landline phones is undoubtedly miles ahead of mobile phones. In this increasingly fast moving world, clear communication is vital, and mobile phones simply don’t cut it. Mobile phone call quality is highly reliant on the handset, reception, surroundings and network, which are often less than ideal. High quality phone communication instantly brings an air of professionalism to a conversation, and this can work wonders for customer trust and belief in a business.


Cloud phone services can grow with your business. Phones can be added or removed from a plan very easily, and once you outgrow your cloud system it is very easy to upgrade to an onsite PBX. When the time comes to upgrade to an onsite solution you can keep the same phone handsets, features and numbers, making for a seamless switch.


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