Secure WiFi Networks for Schools

Enhance communication in your school!


Long gone are the days of the standard phone land lines as advances in technology provide opportunity for enhanced, cost effective solutions and tools needed to increase communication and mobility in our day to day functions. Schools operate just like any other business proving that it is vital for clear communication, security and affordability when choosing your phone system.

Smart Features

Many new smart features can now be designed specifically with your business needs in mind. The use of IP Business phones will double buy 2020  which is not hard to believe considering the fantastic benefits such as affordability and flexibility. Here are a few features and advantages schools can benefit from.

  • Enhanced off-site mobility to keep users connected anywhere, anytime.
  •  Features accessible via your phone such as intercom based support.
  • A great feature is the automated voice notification to send out to students, parents in case of weather closure or any other important notices.
  • Rainbow from Alcatel-Lucent is a new app that lets your text, call, video and share instantly with your business community.


Lets face it, every school needs clear channels of communication for safety, security and efficiency in all day to day functions. Teachers, students and parents need to be in close contact. Reliable phone systems support from Avita can provide you with a best system suited to your school. Hybrid solutions ensure enhanced communication tools plus security and backup keeping your lines of communication open in case of disaster.


Many teachers are are always on the move whether between departments or or classrooms with the need for flexible communication call forwarding is great tool for teachers to have the option of diverting their landlines to their mobiles with ease.


Working within tight budget? Avita can provide you with the most advanced tools you need to move forward into the the future of telephone communication at affordable prices. You will experience flexibility and long term cost saving benefits. Future changes will almost always be inevitable whether a new department needs to be set up or new lines and numbers need to be created, with Avita support these demands can be accessed and changed with ease and at little to no extra cost.


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