evolving you business communications

Evolving your Business Communications

3 steps to evolving your business communications


Did you know that 75% of all employees wish for more flexibility at work? Or that 49% believe that within the next 5 years mobile devices will become their primary computing device?

Evolving your business communications to meet these needs is not as complicated as you would think, you just need to follow these 3 steps.

Upgrade your business communications systems

1. Upgrade

Upgrading your current communications system gives:

  • Improved business continuity
  • Expanded system capacity
  • Employees will have the ability to respond instantly to business at the desk and on the road

Switch your business to IP Telephony

2. Go IP

If you’re planning on transforming your office space, moving to a new building or looking at connecting sites, this is the perfect time to investigate the benefits of making the move to IP. With the switch to SIP you will improve your staff’s ability to collaborate while also reducing costs.

Not only does IP reduce PSTN and call costs, it saves on operation costs through the utilisation of centralised management. Additionally, IP mobility delivers your employees the flexibility and roaming capabilities that they need.

Virtualise you business systems

3. Virtualise

Virtualised communication services deliver not only cost savings, but also improve your business’ agility. This is achieved, in part, through unified messaging, desktop integration, visual collaboration and business communications on smart devices.


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