Get Connected to Galway’s most Secure & Reliable Fibre Internet Service for Business

Avita Business Internet Service provides your company with a dedicated fibre connection right to your building. Our future proofed connections deliver a superior synchronous connection that gives you matched upload and download speeds from 100/Mbps to 1/Gbps.

What makes our service better than standard broadband?

It’s backed by Local Engineers, a 4 hour SLA and when we say dedicated we mean dedicated. Your line is uncontested so it’s shared with no other business.

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What is the difference between an Asynchronous & Synchronous Connection?

An asynchronous connection is the standard connection type provided by nearly all ISP’s. On these connections your upload speed is always much lower than your download speed, in fact it is often over 90% less than your download speed.

A Synchronous connection gives you matched upload and download speeds. So if you order 100Mb, you will receive 100Mb upload and 100Mb download.

Asynchronous Connection


Synchronous Connection


What is the Difference between Standard Broadband and Dedicated/Uncontested Fibre?

Standard broadband is delivered via a contested connection that is shared between multiple users. This means that your connection speed and reliability is not guaranteed as resources (Bandwidth) are shared between all users. If one customer on the connection goes through a period of heavy use, this will have a knock on effect on all other users.

A dedicated/uncontested connection on the other hand is a direct fibre connection to your building. This type of connection is not shared with anyone and the speeds you receive are guaranteed.

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