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Avita Communications would like to introduce our new product, IPvoice. Modernise your business communications with a complete Cloud Based Platform for Voice / Video calls, Contact Centre Meetings and Innovative Call Features that deliver Exceptional Customer Experience & Business Performance. We understand that in today’s Retail industry, it’s crucial for your business to have reliable and efficient communication system in place. That’s why we offer a wide range of services including voice, connectivity, broadband, and analytics to help your business stay connected and informed. Our smart devices work seamlessly and intelligently together, making it easy for your business to manage their communications.

Analytics Live Wallboard

Single or multi-site wall-boards provides key live call statistics and un-returned missed calls.

Call Centre Functionality

Integrated call centre features gives you more call control and routing options and improve …

Executive Summary Reports

Daily / weekly or monthly scheduled executive summary reports you will have greater business …


Link multiple stores on one cloud phone system and display call stats on a single or multi wallboard / report and its accessible from any device with a web browser.

Noise Cancelling Headsets

With acoustic shield technology, the headsets can filter out background noise using its 2x microphones while you are on a call which provides a HD voice quality for your callers,  …

Dedicated Supported Line

We handle your queries or issues to ensure you get the best service and support. Our help-desk is based in Ireland with a ticket based system enusring you prompt response.

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Introducing IPvoice
What Powerful Business Features does IPvoice have?
  • Voice and Video Calls
    • HD Voice calls using Opus Codecs and HD Video calls with your IPVoice phone
  • Voicemail
    • With the Online Self Care portal users can download, setup voicemail to email and listen to received voicemail messages and modify voicemail settings for their extension.
  • Custom Company Music on Hold
    • Import any music file to play while callers are on hold
  • Custom User Specific Music on Hold
    • Import any music file to play while a specific user place a caller on hold
  • Music on Hold Random Playback
    • To avoid playing the same sound files to callers at all times, it is possible to add multiple sound files and enable a random playback option. The phone system will shuffle the order in which files are played to avoid monotonous playbacks.
  • Corporate Directory on Desk phone / Desktop app
    • The Corporate Directory allows a user to look up phone numbers for customers and co-workers. Any numbers stored in the corporate directory will display the name on the handset for incoming calls
  • Hot Desking
    • Hot Desking is a feature that allows employees to work at any available desk in an office and still be able to have their own extension. If the phone is set up to be used with hot desking, any user can log in to their own extension by entering the extension number and PIN
  • Call Forwarding for Internal and External Calls
    • Call forwarding service forwards calls to other destinations depending on the rules created for a particular extensions status. For example, you can forward calls to your mobile phone in case you do not answer the call in 15 seconds or in case your extension becomes unavailable for some reason
  • Call Forwarding Whitelist Caller IDs that won’t be Forwarded
    • An Exclude list has been added where you can enter Caller IDs that will not be call forwarded
  • Call Pickup
    • Call Pickup feature enables users to pick up calls that are ringing other extensions
  • Call Park
    • Allows you park a call and pick up the call from any phone
  • Do Not Disturb
    • When enabled, the Do Not Disturb service can block and temporarily or permanently redirect all incoming calls to a preferred destination number.
  • Follow Me
    • Follow Me service rings destinations in a sequence set up by the user. If a call is not answered by the initial destination, the next destination in sequence will be dialled. For example, this allows you to set up your desk phone to ring first, for 10 seconds and if the call is not answered it will move forward and ring your mobile phone for 10 seconds. In case you are unable to answer it, you can also set the call to return to your extensions voicemail, ensuring that you will receive the message from the caller once you are available.
  • Mobile Number Integration
    • With Mobile Numbers, you can assign the Mobile Numbers you would like to receive calls from when you’re not in the office
  • Page
    • Page allows you to broadcast a voice message to multiple extensions at the same time through the desk phone intercom
  • Busy Lamp Fields with presence
    • With BLF keys, you can select user extensions to be monitored through the BLF buttons on your phone. If the user is on the phone, the button will show red and once the user is available the button will show green. This can also be used as a speed dial for that user
  • Speed Dial
    • Speed Dial service allows you to assign shortcode (up to 3-digits) to numbers you frequently dial so you don’t have to type the full number every time. You can also assign he speed dial to your phone BLF Keys
  • Call Barring
    • Allows the administrator to block certain numbers from being called, for instance mobile or international numbers
  • Pin Based Call Barring
    • Allows the administrator to block certain numbers from being called, for instance mobile or international numbers on a default based but override with predefined PIN code
  • Caller ID Replacement
    • Caller ID feature allows users to create and control the caller ID number that will be displayed to the called party. In addition to setting the permanent call that will be used as primary Caller ID, the administrator can create a list of allowed caller IDs that can be selected before the call is initiated.
    • This feature is intended to be used with the IPVoice desktop app but it can also be used by entering an access code on the desk phone.
  • Powerful Voicemail Speech to Text via Google Speech
    • This feature will attach the transcript of voicemails when sending voicemail to email notifications to users as well as being able to access the transcripts on the online self-care portal.
  • Custom internal and external ringtones
    • The custom ringtones feature allows you to set up your phone uses a different ringing sound when calls are routed to your phone from a specific DDI or when it’s an internal call
  • Easy management with self-care control panel
    • Online portal allows the end user to modify their extensions settings according to assigned permissions. Users can edit company settings, set up voicemail behaviour, check voicemails, download call recordings etc.
  • Call Conference bridge
    • Limit Maximum Number of Participants
    • Conference PIN
    • Conference Admin PIN
    • Announce User Join/Leave
    • Announce Number of Participants
    • Email Conference Recording
  • Wake-Up Calls
    • A user can call the Auto Attendant / IVR to set up a wake-up call.
  • Extension Monitor
    • Extension Monitor will allow administrators to see which phones are online, make and model and which IP address and port they are connected from
  • Live Calls
    • See live calls on the system
What are IPvoice's Intelligent Call Routing Features?
  • Ring Groups
    • Ring groups can be setup to ring multiple extensions based on defined options below
      • All – will ring all available extensions at the same time.
      • Round – will ring each available extension in a specific order.
      • Round Memory – will ring each available extension in a specific order but it will begin with the extension that was last to ring on the previous call.
      • Least Recent – will ring the extension with the least answered calls.
  • Ring Group Caller ID or Name Customisation
    • Allows you to append a name to the incoming caller ID number in order to distinguish the calls that are coming from the ring groups or from other extensions so the user will know what number or group the caller called
  • IVR / Auto Attendant / Virtual Receptionist with FAX Detection
    • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) / Auto Attendant / Virtual Receptionist is an automated answering service which will guide callers to their destination by providing a number of choices and waiting for the caller to make a selection through a device keypad
  • Time / Day or Date call routing
    • Operation times enables the administrator to forward calls to a different location depending on the date, day and time. This can be setup with an automatic schedule or activated through a button on a handset or calling a predefined number from any phone.
  • Caller ID based call routing
    • Based on a set of predefined rules this service filters and blocks all incoming calls based on the rules you have set for incoming caller IDs. This way, you are able to send a busy signal to all calls that have their caller ID hidden, or forward the call to an out of service number whenever a specific number dials your extension.
  • Voicemail to Email
    • Enable all voicemail notifications to be sent to an e-mail address assigned to the extension with the voicemail message attached.
  • Fax to Email
    • Fax to Email option will allow you to receive faxes in PDF form and automatically send them to a specified email address.
    • Received Faxes will stay preserved on the server for 30 days. In addition, it is possible to connect a FAX machine to an ATA device in order to receive Faxes in a conventional manner.
  • Shared Voicemail group
    • Voicemail groups allow you informing all users once a voice message is left.
  • Custom Greeting
    • Custom greeting can be played to callers once their call enters the Ring Group, Auto Attendant or Call Queue.
  • Incoming Call Confirmation
    • Enable Confirm Calls option to allow ring group members to be asked whether they would like to accept or reject the call coming from the ring group.
What is Integrated Call Centre Functionality?
  • Instant Recording via button
    • Instant Recording service allows you to start a call recording at any point of the call.
  • Call Recording with 30 day storage
    • Call Recording can we setup to record all calls, or specific extension or DDI numbers.
  • Call Recording Archiving
    • Archiving storage feature can be setup to keep your recordings, voicemails, and Faxes on a remote location. You can choose between Amazon S3, FTP server, SFTP server, Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Listen and Download Call Recordings from the portal
    • Users can be setup with access to listen or download to their call recording via the online portal
  • Live Call Monitoring
    • This service monitors active calls in real time, allowing you to choose between three different monitoring options, listening, whispering and barging. The listening option allows you to listen to the calls, whispering allows you to listen to the conversation and talk only to the monitored extension and barging allows you to listen and talk to both parties on the call. All three options (Dynamic mode) allows you to dynamically choose what mode of monitoring you want to use during the call
  • Call Queue with Time and Position Announcements and Exit Digit
    • Queue Announcements inform callers waiting in the queue what their current position is and for how long (approximately) they should wait before their call is answered.
    • An Exit Digit will allow users to drop out of queue calls. Depending on the queue settings they can be forwarded to an extension, voicemail or another group
  • Call Queue Member Login
    • Allows Call Queue agents to log in and log out of the queues
  • Skilled based Call Queue routing
    • Users can we setup a priorities so you can direct the calls to ring specific users first if they are available
What Applications are icluded in IPvoice?
  • IPVoice Mobile App
    • Easy setup with Welcome Email and QR Code scanner, instead of entering an e-mail, password and server address manually on the first login
    • The IPVoice mobile app allows you to stay connected to your extension even when you are not in your office, enabling you to do your work without being confined to your desk.
    • Call History include called, missed, received calls
    • Call History sync between mobile, desktop app and desk phone
    • Hold / Transfer/ Conference
    • Transfer call to desk phone / desktop app
    • Stop / Start Call Recording
    • Presence show colleagues phone status
    • Mobile phone contacts integration
    • Chat
    • Join Audio Conference
    • Visual Voicemail
    • Block Caller ID
    • Choose Caller ID ( one time or permanent )
    • Call Forward control
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Dashboard showing total calls, answered calls and total talk time
  • IPVoice Desktop App
    • Your desk phone extension replicated on your Desktop
    • Call History include called, missed, received calls
    • Call History sync between mobile, desktop app and desk phone
    • Hold / Transfer/ Conference
    • Transfer call to desk phone / desktop app
    • Stop / Start Call Recording
    • Presence show colleagues phone status
    • Mobile phone contacts integration
    • Chat
    • Join or start an Audio Conference
    • Join or start an Online Meeting
    • Visual Voicemail
    • Block Caller ID
    • Choose Caller ID ( one time or permanent )
    • Call Forward control
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Send Fax via Desktop App
    • Choose outgoing Caller ID from your app
    • Start / Stop Call Recording
    • Presence
    • Speakerphone page
How does IPVoice Meetings work?
  • A module that allows any user to set up meetings without the hassle of switching applications.
  • Start or Join Meetings
  • HD Video and Audio
    • Have virtual conferences that feel like face-to-face meetings
  • Meeting Management
    • Schedule Meetings
    • Send email notifications
    • Invite by Email
    • Manage past meetings
  • Participant Management
    • Drag-and-drop to add participants
    • Add non-IPVoice users with their email or phone number
    • Prompt a participant to share their screen
    • Mute individual participant(s) or all participants at once
  • Record Meetings
    • Record both audio & video
    • Record audio only
  • Add/Remove Participants
  • Screen Share
    • Show your work by sharing your desktop or a specific application
  • Chat
    • Quietly share information or send links through chat
  • Leave / End Meetings
  • In Grid or Speaker view
  • Meeting Starter
    • 3 Participants
    • 45mins
  • Meeting Business
    • 50 Participants
    • 2 Hours
What is CRM Integration?
  • Make calls directly through your CRM
    • Incorporate all the features and capabilities of the IPVoice phone system inside your CRM or Browser.
    • IPVoice integrates with the most popular business apps, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Zoho, Zendesk, Bullhorn, Vtiger, Pipedrive, SuiteCRM and Hubspot
    • Proprietary CRMs can be integrated with IPVoice as well using our CRM SDK.
    • This feature provides access to CRM contacts and leads, Caller ID detection, support for uploading Call logs and Recordings and more.
What Business Performance Analytics does IPvoice use?
  • Business Management Reports
    • Full daily overview of your business call analytics
    • Total Calls
    • Total Incoming Calls
    • Total Outgoing Calls
    • Total Missed Calls
    • Total Unreturned Missed Calls
    • Busiest Hour
    • Hourly Call Distribution ( Outbound / Inbound / Missed )
    • Total duration of calls during this period
    • Calls made to international numbers
    • Total duration of outbound calls during this period
    • Total duration of inbound calls during this period
    • Top Outbound Destinations By Count
    • Top Outbound Destinations By Duration
    • Top Inbound Calls By Count
    • Top Inbound Calls By Duration
    • List Unreturned Missed Calls with number, date and time
    • Aggregated reports option will email a single daily email with aggregated report attached
What reports does the Wallboard include?
  • Total Calls, Answered Calls, Missed Calls, Outgoing Calls,
  • Unreturned missed calls so you can call them back.
  • Hourly busy period and then you missing calls.
  • Filter inbound calls by DDI number to include or exclude
  • Filter outbound calls by extension numbers to include or exclude
  • See up to 7 sites on a single screen
What Security features does IPvoice have?
  • Reliably
    • 100% Cloud hosted on AWS.
  • Secure voice
    • IPVoice significantly increases security by encrypting your calls using TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) protocols.
  • SLA
    • Phone Service Availability : 99.95%
    • Analytics Availability : 99.0 %
Does Ipvoice work with Microsoft Teams Integration?
  • Add PSTN calling to Microsoft Teams to increase productivity.
  • The native Teams App and calling experience is familiar to users and make and receive work calls on any device from anywhere using their phone system extension number and DDI.
  • Keep your existing phone system with all the features you rely on including, call recording, wallboard and reporting.
  • Only need to enable team calling solution for users and groups that need it.
  • Works with Microsoft Teams on PC, Mac, or Mobile.
  • Simple per-user pricing.

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